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Sunday morning service has been the regular highlight activity of Buddhist Fellowship since its inception. Member or not, this weekly dose of Dhamma by our range of inspiring speakers is open to all. From topics like forgiveness, mindfulness and letting go, these talks are thoughtfully structured to touch our hearts and inspire us to apply the knowledge into our daily lives.

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The opportunity to listen to the Dhamma is considered valuable both because it is rare and becuase it yields great benefits. Hard is the cahnge to hear the true Dhamma. 

- Dhp 182







It’s a common practice to start off each service with a short chant followed by a short guided meditation. This recitation of the Buddha’s teachings, coupled with moments of silence allows us to calm our restless mind, so we are ready to listen to the 1.5 hours Dhamma sharing with greater clarity.

Our speakers come from varied professions and backgrounds.Many of them are renowned and well-practised monks and nuns, and prominent lay speakers like Dr Ang Beng Choo, Dr Wong Yin Onn, Bro Tan Ho Soon, Sis  Sylvia Bay and Dr Ng Yuen Yen.

As a way to practise loving-kindness, we end off each talk by rejoicing the good merits we’ve accrued with all beings. Finally… what better way to end the session with a potluck lunch where we build greater connections through food and laughter?



Going Green goes beyond Sunday Service! Join BF’s green effort and Bring Your Own Containers & Cutlery! To support going plastic free by end-November 2018, BF will be selling reusable containers and cutlery!

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