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Welcome to our BFY Family

Who are we?

A vibrant youth group under Buddhist Fellowship for ages 17-25 years old. We gather every Saturday at 2 PM to learn and grow spiritually with the Dhamma (Buddha's Teachings)

Here at Buddhist Fellowship Youth, we aim to provide a warm and supportive environment for all youths. Come join our BFY Family and meet new wholesome, spiritual friends through interactive activities like sutta discussion, volunteering opportunities and sports and games.

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Activities and dhamma learning

 Buddhist youth gathered to kayak at the Kallang Reservoir. It was great fun and immense joy for all the Buddhist youth as they paddled far away from the coast and meditated on their boats. It was a great experience for many youth as it was the first time practicing Buddhist meditation on water! The Buddhist youth were grouped in pairs on each boat whereby they were able to foster great friendship and strong friendship bonds with other Buddhist friends.

Friendship eg: kayaking 


Meditation and Mindfulness

Our annual Pushing Boundaries camp where youths got a better understanding of Dhamma. Importantly, they had the opportunity to practice and experience the Dhamma through a range of fun filled and meaningful activities.

Camps + Christmas CIP

Weekly Dhamma Talks 


Buddhist youth gather around to discuss a particular sutta. Such discussions are effective in getting youth to share their views on the various Buddhist concepts and promote further learning of the Buddhist concepts. The Buddhist ethics and morals learnt from such Buddhist teachings will help the Buddhist youth form a strong moral compass that will guide them effectively in their education journey and handling interpersonal relationships.

Sutta Group Discussions

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