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Buddhist Fellowship Youth Photos. National Day Picnic at Marina Barrage, Kayaking at Kallang River with Waterways Watch Society,

Our Family

Why BFY Family?

As a family, we work on self improvement and personal development while building a stronger community. Our organization also conducts regular volunteering activities and community services to give back to society. We believe that this would help our youths to develop empathy, compassion and forge friendships with other Buddhist youths.

The youth group practises meditation regularly before the weekly service starts. Every now and then, we conduct mindfulness sessions for practising different kinds of mindfulness meditation.


Why join the BFY Family?


Additional learning resources and

materials including meditation and


Spiritual development

Progress in personal and spiritual development

Supportive community

Be part of a supportive and

wholesome community

Goodie bag

Get a free goodie bag consisting

of a free exclusive T-shirt and


How to Join the BFY Family?

Lotus flower in pond, representing purity of body, speech and mind in Buddhism. One of the important symbols in Buddhism.

Excited to be a Family MEMBER of BFY in 2021? Here are the details!


  1. Complete our orientation programme - Connect Circle

  2. Fill in the membership form and email the form to

  3. Pay by cash/ paynow/ paylah $30 to the office

“We create affinities ourselves. When you look for Buddha, your Buddha nature develops”.
Not everyone has the affinity to learn Buddhism, so let’s seize the chance to learn and grow together as a family~

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