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Volunteer with us

Buddhist Fellowship is a voluntary organisation and its success is due to our large pool of dedicated and selfless volunteers. The volunteers in Buddhist Fellowship strive to facilitate Dhamma learning and foster fellowship so that people can enjoy the peace and happiness coming to Buddhist Fellowship. We uphold the Buddha’s Noble teachings in our work so we can inspire each other to walk on this path. As we are constantly expanding our programs to cater to a larger group of audience, Buddhist Fellowship welcome you onboard as the people behind the success of this organsation.

No matter who you are, if you are keen in giving back to the society and Buddhist community, we welcome you to fill up the form below.





As a Public Relations Officer (PRO), you’d the hands and legs of Buddhist Fellowship (BF). With your help in ushering and friendly greetings at big events such as conference seminars and festive celebrations, BF becomes a warmer place to return to and events carry the ability to touch hearts.

The meals offered after every Sunday service (the taste often surpassing the standards of many restaurants) are warmly prepared by volunteers. Each dish is prepared with love so members can have bond over a homely meal after each Dhamma sharing.

From designing of posters, to photography, to maintenance work, these works are done by volunteers who selflessly commit their free time to benefit the community at Buddhist Fellowship and beyond. If you’ve any unique skill sets which you’d like to offer, we welcome you to join the team!


Sadhu Anumodana!

If you would like to volunteer in any possible way, please fill in the Google form below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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