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Buddhist Fellowship Junior Youth Dhammaduta Programme aims to help teenagers aged 13-16 years live skilful and happy lives by learning and applying the Dhamma.

Weekly Dhamma Class

A weekly Dhamma class is held every Saturday from 3pm to 4.30pm by volunteer teachers. During the lessons, students will chant and reflect, meditate and learn the Dhamma. Lessons are designed to encourage students to investigate, understand and apply the Dhamma and this is achieved using diverse teaching methods (e.g., stories, suttas, and activities etc.). We focus on helping our students apply the Dhamma to their daily lives so they can personally experience the benefits. This includes learning to manage academic stress, relationships, and various challenges brought about by an increasingly fast-paced world.






We have field trips/volunteering opportunities at least 4 times a year to provide students with the opportunity to contribute to the community and build friendships.

50% of our lessons are conducted virtually. This hybrid model allows students to save on travelling time during the virtual lessons, while still being able to bond with their classmates during the physical lessons. The virtual lessons are conducted “live” and will remain interactive for students.

We have breaks during the exam periods and lessons during the school holidays (except for December). This way, students can focus on their studies when exams are near, and learn the Dhamma with a more relaxed/receptive mindstate during the holidays.

Register as a Junior Youth

To join the Junior Youth Program you can register at the BF West Office. If you require more info, feel free to drop us an email at and we would be glad to assist!

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