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The past decade has witnessed a steadily growing number of Indonesian Buddhists who have come to Singapore to work or study. A group of like-minded Indonesian Dhamma brothers and sisters who had a wish to find and socialise with spiritual friends from their country of origin led them to initiate an informal mailing list for the Indonesian Buddhist Community in Singapore (IBC-Sing) in 2002. The BF Indonesian Group grew from these early days, and was formed in 2007 to provide even more people with the same access to the Buddha’s teachings in Bahasa Indonesia in Singapore. The BF Indonesian Group now conducts a monthly service (every 3rd Sunday of the month) in Bahasa Indonesia.

The Buddhist Fellowship (BF), with its English-speaking Buddhist community, has attracted many Indonesian Buddhists as most of them are comfortable with English as a medium of interaction and learning. Even now, the number of Indonesian Buddhists coming to BF is increasing gradually. For the services, chanting is conducted in Pali, followed by translations recited in Bahasa Indonesia. Dhamma sharing sessions are also conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.


In 2010, another monthly activity – the Indonesian Dhamma Discussion (IDD) – arose as a result of requests from members. It is conducted in small groups, with discussions centred on members’ personal experiences and understanding of specific Dhamma aspects, with reference to the Suttas.


Beside Dhamma sharing, the Indonesian service includes a variety of activities such as interactive games, group discussions, role playing, temple tours etc.


Join us bi-weekly Sunday service, 1.30pm – 3.30pm at BF West!

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