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Dhamma Courses

Have you always want to know more about Dhamma (Buddhist teachings) or want to deepen your understanding of the Dhamma?

Buddhist Fellowship conducts courses all year round to cater to different needs and learning of the members. Our courses are often  conducted by experienced Venerables or lay teachers. Some of the courses conducted include Basic Buddhism Course, Sutta appreciation course, Essence of the Triple Gems, Heart Sutra course and many others.


As you learn more of the Dhamma and put it into practice in your daily life, you will eventually find peace and happiness in your mind and appreciate the beauty of the Dhamma. As it is said by the Buddha: “Dhamma is beautiful in the beginning, in the middle and in the end”.

Come and learn about this precious teachings that have been passed down since 2500 years ago and see for yourself how it positively transform your life, just like how it transform many others.

Visit our website or Eventbrite page regularly or follow our Facebook for the upcoming courses.

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There are five rewards in listening to the Dhamma. Which five?

[1] One hears what one has not heard before. [2] One clarifies what one has heard before. [3] One gets rid of doubt. [4] One's views are made straight. [5] One's mind grows serene. These are the five rewards in listening to the Dhamma.

- AN 5.202

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