The Buddhist Fellowship Junior Youth Dhammaduta Programme aims to instil the understanding & practice of Buddhism in our Junior Youths (age 13-16 years), and groom the Junior Youths to be responsible & honest citizens in the service of the larger community.

Weekly Dhamma Class

A weekly Dhamma class is held from 3pm to 5.30pm by volunteer teachers. The Junior Youths are divided into three teams with their favourite names. Each team is designated with responsibilities (ranging from the purchase of flowers to the cleaning/setting up of an altar table with Puja offerings: candles, flowers, water & incense, laying of cushions). Each team also has a Team Leader who nominates team members to do Puja Chanting Opening & Closing Service for each week.

Beyond Classroom Activities

Beyond the weekly classes, there are other activities organised for the Junior Youths, including:

JY -03
Community Services

Christmas and Chinese New Year befriending with
residents of Ren Ci Hospice and
Geylang East Home of the Aged.

JY -01

Sign Language Performance at the
Buddhist Fellowship Vesak Family Carnival.

JY -02
Dhamma Sharings

Dhamma sharing sessions with various Sangha members,
including Bhante Gunaratana (Sri Lankaramaya Temple)
and Bhante Chun Kiang (Wat Pallelai).

Register as a Junior Youth

To join the Junior Youth Program, you can register at the BF (West) Office before the commencement of each term, which begins on the first Sunday of each school semester.