The Buddhist Fellowship Dhammaduta Programme (BF DDP) is a Dhamma Education course developed by BF volunteer teachers to nurture the young with Buddhist values and leadership skills through engaging activities and strong fellowship.

The programme focuses on the teaching of Buddhist knowledge and nurturing leadership competencies in an age-appropriate and progressive manner for the following groups of learners:

Junior 4 - 12 Year Old

Every Sunday
11am - 12.30pm

Junior Youth 13 - 16 year old

Every Saturday
3.30pm - 5.30pm

BF YOUTH 17 - 25 year old

Core Dhamma Knowledge • Practices • Leadership Skills

The following core Dhamma knowledge topics, practices and leadership skills are customised to enhanced learning engagement accordingly :

Dhamma Knowledge

• Life story of the Buddha

• 4 Noble Truths

• The Noble Eightfold path

• 5 Precepts

• Dependent Origination

• Karma & Rebirth

• 10 Perfections

• 3 universal existence

• 4 Immeasurable Minds

• 5 Hindrances

• Suttas (Dighajanu, Metta and Singalovada)

• Pali and Sanskrit words

Buddhist Practices

• Mindfulness and Meditation

• Chants

• Dana

• Voluntarism and Community Services

Leadership Competencies

• Virtuous Character (The Noble Eightfold Path)

• Right View

• Others Before Self

• Effective Communication

• Team Player

• Role Model

• Adaptability


Through teaching Dhamma knowledge and practices, the leadership competencies are inculcated in an integrated manner through suitable, engaging lesson processes, activities and routines (e.g. via reflective questioning techniques and co-operative learning approaches and classroom processes such as voluntary work). Experiential learning opportunities such as outdoor learning and visits to social welfare organisations are planned to enrich the DDP experience.

Learning outcomes of each leadership competency acquisition are also delineated to provide clarity for achievable teaching and learning goals.

Volunteer Teachers with the interest and aptitude to teach go through basic training and are supported by experienced teachers.