Music has been used since historical times as a way to connect with people. Being a universal language transcending all boundaries between people, music is a powerful way to reach out to men and women of different races, beliefs and age groups, uniting people behind a common message. In the case of the Buddhist Fellowship, the message is that of Dhamma – turning inward to learn about oneself by reflecting on the teachings of the Buddha, and then bringing ones realisation outwards to benefit all sentient beings. Music conveyed with such faith and compassion, to heal and connect, is the aim of Dhamma music.

The Buddhist Fellowship hosts 2 music groups under its roof – the performance platform 108 Degrees, and the Buddhist Fellowship’s choir Soracco. 108 Degrees was set up to allow Buddhist musicians to find a venue to jam, perform and grow together. Many of 108 Degrees’ talented musicians compose and arrange their own music. Soracco is the Buddhist Fellowship’s in-house musical family, with people of different backgrounds coming together with the aim of spreading Dhamma through music. Both musical groups recently performed at the Esplanade Concert Hall in May 2016 during the Buddhist Fellowship’s inaugural Sadhu for the Music Dhamma Music concert to a 3,000-strong audience.

Soracco practices every Saturday from 11:30am-2pm @ BF West, including a meditation at the beginning to ground oneself at the end of the work week. We welcome anyone interested to join in for a trial session!

108 Degrees performs regularly at events in the Buddhist calendar at different organisations across Singapore. Do visit 108 Degrees’ Facebook page for more information:

Here is a short snippet of a 108 Degrees practice session: