About Us

About Buddhist Fellowship

Buddhist Fellowship (BF) is a non-sectarian Buddhist organisation which aims to serve Buddhist practitioners across the different traditions: Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. It was founded in 1988 (formerly as the Buddhist Graduates Fellowship), and currently has a membership base of a few thousand members.

It was formed with the primary intent of realising a strong fellowship of Buddhist practitioners who strive to perfect their Sila (morality), Samadhi (concentration/stillness) and Panna (wisdom) in an environment that is supported by a community of like-minded spiritual friends.

Our members consist of like-minded Buddhist practitioners from various traditions, who share the vision of propagating the Dhamma while promoting fellowship.

Our main objectives are:

  1. To offer the Buddha’s Teachings to the members.
  2. To serve as a platform for Buddhist views and to act as a communication network system for Buddhists of different traditions.
  3. To instill leadership qualities among Members and to facilitate other Buddhist organizations in leadership training and advice.

our vision & mission


Our Vision is to build a fellowship of strong Dhamma practitioners. This is important for Buddhist practitioners, as the Buddha said that “admirable friendship, companionship and camaraderie are the whole of the Holy Life” (SN 45.2).

Our Mission is “Building our Home, Living the Dhamma.

Building our Home refers to our efforts in creating a wide slate of programmes for members to learn the Dhamma. These include Sunday talks, Dhamma courses, music, tours, etc.

Living the Dhamma refers to the pathways of practicing and applying the Dhamma through bodily, verbal and mental actions. These activities include volunteering, common projects, etc.

Underpinning our Vision and Mission are our core values of the 4 Brahmaviharas (lit. “abodes of Brahma”), which are the qualities and emotions of

      Loving kindness (metta, the opposite of anger and hate)

      Appreciative joy (mudita, the opposite of envy)

      Compassion (karuna, the opposite of cruelty)

      Equanimity (upekkha, lit. “looking on”, the opposite of attachment)


Our logo captures the beautiful essence of The Buddha’s Teachings. The 8 bodhi leaves represent the Noble Eightfold Path – the way leading to the cessation of suffering (dukkha) and the achievement of self-awakening.